Louise Mensch Denies Bullying #Milifandom Teen Abby Tomlinson In 4,000 Word Blog

Mensch Insists She Is NOT Bullying The 'Disgraceful, Hysterical, Hypocritical' #Milifandom Teen

The Sun columnist was accused of harassing #Milifandom leader Abby Tomlinson after a series of dogged tweets in which she charged the teen with appropriating the hashtag from another.

Mensch also took exception to Tomlinson posting an image of a Sun reporter’s business card after the newspaper visited her family in an attempt to interview her, claiming she had attempted to “doxx” the journalist.

Louise Mensch has composed a 4,000+ word denial against allegations of bullying

Tomlinson, who is currently sitting AS exams, has admitted being brought to tears by Mensch’s pursuit and has been backed by a legion of supporters – led by former deputy Prime Minister John Prescott – who has complained about Mensch directly to her employers at the Sun.

Now the 43-year-old has hit back with a lengthy post in which she claims, often in forensic detail, why she is not guilty of bullying Tomlinson and vows to "thereafter ignore her and those tweeting about her".

She insists: “It would indeed be a serious thing had anyone bullied Ms Cuddleston – bullying is always a scourge, and always wrong.” (Mensch refers to Tomlinson as thus throughout the piece because “she has said that my engaging with her ‘makes her cry’.”)

Abby Tomlinson lists her ultimate life goals as "a) to meet Ed Miliband and thank him for everything and b) Make a difference!"

You can read Mensch's entire, lengthy attempt to exonerate herself from the charges here.

Whilst denying bullying Tomlinson (“Bullying is a very nasty thing to do, a horrible accusation to have to counter, and clearly, I had not bullied Cuddleston”), Mensch does use the blog to describe the teenager as:

  • "Distasteful”
  • “Self-glorifying”
  • “Disgraceful”
  • “Hysterical”
  • Displaying “extraordinary hypocrisy”
  • Twice “doxxing a reporter”
  • Feeding "a victim complex”

Mensch closes her case with the words: “Absolutely nobody has harassed Ms TW Cuddleston. I think she has an enormous future ahead of her in the Labour party. I do not mean that as a compliment."

At time of publication, Tomlinson's latest words on the matter were thus:

A spokesman for The Sun told Huffington Post UK: "The Sun is neither responsible for, nor going to comment on, what our columnists write on social media."


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