John Prescott

The ex-deputy prime minister is being treated at Hull Royal Infirmary.
Row comes as MPs again push party to back EEA membership
Ian McKenzie facing investigation into 'abhorrent' messages
Corbyn aide didn’t make shortlist for key marginal seat
The 2017 UN climate change summit finished on Friday with significant progress made toward converting the landmark 2015 Paris deal into a rule-based framework. Coming amidst growing scientific alarm about global warming, the chair of the event had called for "the vision of Paris" to shine through given growing concerns that the process at a critical crossroads.
Brown, Blair and even Prescott policy burned to a crisp.
For a full 10 years in the Nineties and Naughties, Monday used to be Gordon Brown Day at Labour conference, as the Chancellor’s
Lord Prescott has given one of the most entertaining interviews of recent times on Good Morning Britain, swearing three times