Katie Hopkins: Giving Birth Naturally Makes You A 'Proper Mum'

If You Had A Difficult Delivery Katie Hopkins's Views On Childbirth Are Going To Really P*ss You Off

In case you were worried that Katie Hopkins had run out of people to offend, fear not.

On Monday Hopkins took to LBC radio to discuss, among other things, childbirth.

The mother-of-three asked: “Are you a more powerful woman if you give birth naturally without pain relief?”.

'All you have to do is push': Katie Hopkins

Hopkins then spoke of her own natural deliveries [though conceded to having had gas and air “with a couple of my children”].

Revealing one of her babies weighed 14lbs at birth, Hopkins bragged: “I think it does toughen you up rather. I do feel like a proper mum because I gave birth to my children without much fuss.

“Ultimately birth is physical process… and sometimes I do think maybe mums need to get on with it a bit.”

Hopkins says a natural birth makes a mother a more powerful woman

Hopkins mused on whether modern women have become “so sanitised to life” they have become overly reliant on pain relief.

She said: “I certainly feel kind of vindicated by the fact that I have had no pain relief for any of my children and it makes me feel that there is nothing that can hurt so much again. It does make me feel kind of invincible in some ways.

“Toughen up, man up, take it like a man [although I’m not sure men would take it that well] and actually just give birth naturally because it’s fairly simple. All you have to do is push.”

Predictably, Hopkin's views went down like the proverbial lead balloon. Laila Alodaat wrote: “Women don’t need to go through awful unnecessary pain to qualify as sincere capable mothers!”

Alodaat added: “Pain relief is a human right and a great achievement. Asking women to endure awful pain to live up to a stereotype is sexist.”

Another pointed out: “Natural is better, absolutely. But being alive at the end of it is most important.”

Yvonne Rutherford said: “No I had pain relief with my first, but nothing with my others, no as childbirth is so unpredictable.”

Goo Bric wrote: “Katie Hopkins is so pompous & up herself belittling other women for not having a natural birth How disgraceful.”

She wrote: “I believe those who elect to have a c-section are missing out. Many more elect to have one than wish to admit it. There is guilt in cowardice. If you wimp out of childbirth, you will never experience a pain that makes you invincible.

“I would urge you to resist the temptation of the c-section. If you can handle childbirth, you can handle anything. And you are a truly powerful woman.”

A caesarean section is usually carried out when a normal vaginal birth could put you or your unborn baby at risk.

Parent charity NCT says in some parts of the UK as many as 30% of babies are born by caesarean section.

It writes: "For some women the suggestion of a caesarean section, or the decision to carry out the operation, will come as a welcome relief. If you’ve been given good information about why it’s needed, it can feel like the right option for both you and your baby.

"For other women, the prospect of a c-section can be disappointing or distressing. If you have not been given enough information, or are not convinced of the need, then you may feel that you have no option but to agree, despite your misgivings. Under these circumstances a caesarean birth can be a traumatic experience."


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