Britain First Overreacts To Muslim Refugees Arriving On Greek Island Of Kos

The most popular nationalist Facebook page in the UK has voiced its anger in response to a Daily Mail article highlighting the plight of migrants fleeing war-torn countries and seeking shelter in a popular holiday destination.

The Greek island of Kos is now home to thousands of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, many attempting to escape the conditions set upon them by the Islamic State.

Having crossed the sea in rubber dinghies or trade boats, they are now left in appaling conditions, sleeping in abandoned hotels or on the floor of the police station while they wait for refugee status or emergency travel documents.

But the focus of Britain First was the "spoiling" of the Greek island as a cheap package holiday destination.


Posted by Britain First on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The irony of the Greek islands being over-run by drunken Europeans long before the migrants showed up appears to be lost on them.

We went through the hundreds of comments so you don't have to. Here's some of the scarier ones juxtaposed with pictures from Kos:

Britain First reacts to the Kos refugee crisis

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