George Galloway Instantly Rebuked For Comments On 'Drunk' Charles Kennedy

You'd Think George Galloway Would Know Better Than To Send This Charles Kennedy Tweet

George Galloway has attracted criticism after posting an insensitive tweet about Charles Kennedy just a day after his death was revealed.

The former MP for Bradford West, who lost his seat in the recent General Election, tweeted: “Better Charles Kennedy drunk than Nick Clegg sober…”

In 2006, Kennedy announced that he was receiving treatment for problems with alcohol and called a leadership election for the Liberal Democrats.

Galloway’s tweeted immediately received a barrage of criticism…

After the predictable stream of criticism, Galloway attempted to try to justify his comments...

Kennedy's death is not believed to be suspicious and the cause has yet to be confirmed.

He was found dead at his cottage in Fort William yesterday.

Alex Salmond also found himself in hot water yesterday over comments made about the former Lib Dem leader.

The ex-SNP leader said that he did not think Charles Kennedy's "heart was in the ‘Better Together’ campaign" that won the Scottish independence referendum.

He later defended the comments, saying: "First and for the record I have made no claim whatsoever that Charles Kennedy was either a Yes or an SNP supporter. He was not. He was a committed federalist all of his political career.

He added: "I only mentioned the Better Together campaign at all because I was asked a direct question about it. As early as the beginning of last year Charles was one of the first unionist politicians to realise that the result would be close and said publicly that he felt that the actions of the No campaign were contributing to this."

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