charles kennedy

  Charles Kennedy died last year at his home in Fort William on Monday at the age of 55.   He said: "International justice
When Charles Kennedy passed away last year, he was universally and rightly praised for devoting his life to politics. The phrase "career politician" never came up. Is it so reprehensible to make sure a minister hits all his marks compared to being an MP in your 20s? Or a councillor, or any political job?
The Liberal Democrat leadership has distanced itself from a sing-song organised by party members making fun of Charles Kennedy’s
A drinking culture at the House of Commons contributed "quite a lot" to Charles Kennedy's problems with alcohol, the former
Since my father died in 2013, I tend to respond quite emotionally to the death of any famous male who has died too soon - anyone
I met Charles Kennedy once. I also met Benito Mussolini. One of these statements is true. The other one is a bit of an exaggeration
A Scottish National Party official has resigned after it was revealed he conducted a brutal online hate campaign against
Story contains strong language Annabel Giles has torn into the Daily Mail for using a comment she made in the wake of the
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that he’s cut alcohol out of his life, following the death of Charles Kennedy, former leader