Conspiracy Theorists Claim Massive 'Jade Helm' Military Exercise Is Preparation For The Apocalypse

A Massive US Military Exercise Is Getting People Worried The World Is About To End

If you're part of a particular group of conspiracy theorists in the US then the phrase "Jade Helm 15" is going to instil a number of emotions in you, the first of which is fear.

To them it's the name of a massive nationwide 'training exercise' by the Pentagon that will prepare the country for what will be the end of the world.

How? Well at the moment it's either the US military taking over the world or a giant asteroid, naturally.

The massive multi-state training exercise will be the first of its kind and will see special operations soldiers train in a simulated battle environment that mimics landscapes overseas.

It's so big in fact that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered the Texas State Guard to be deployed to 'observe' the training exercise in an effort to calm the fears of some Texans that this is in fact a real military operation to manage the population, take away their weapons and generally be the bad guys.

Well for the rest of us you'll be pleased to hear it's just a training exercise, nothing more. Huge military exercises are rare but do happen, in fact for any military to truly be prepared they have to happen.

The reason they happen so rarely is down to the sheer cost and logistical challenge that these enormous exercises pose on the military and the local community.

Of course it's not everyday that the response to a large training exercise is the theory that it's all a giant cover up for the world ending.

'Jade Helm' isn't the only conspiracy theory that the world is going to end. A group of biblical theorists also believe that a giant asteroid is going to end the world in September.

In case you're still worried then NASA has helpfully confirmed to Metro for what will surely be the hundredth time this year that no, there isn't a giant asteroid heading to Earth this Summer, in fact we're not due to even come close to one for at least several hundred years.


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