09/06/2015 12:24 BST | Updated 09/06/2015 12:59 BST

GCSE AQA Chemistry Exam Provided The Answers To Its Own Questions. Students Naturally Rejoice.

GCSE students everywhere are rejoicing after the AQA chemistry paper answered one of the questions... in another question.

The paper came as a welcome change for students who took to Twitter last week to complain that they were traumatised by their Edexcel maths exam.

A spokesperson from AQA told HuffPost: “As part of our ongoing quality control checks we noticed that an answer to a one-mark question was given in a longer question later on in the paper.

"This shouldn’t have happened, and we’re sorry it did. We’ll make sure it doesn’t affect students’ grades, but schools can get in touch if they have concerns."

Obviously, this wasn't a problem for the exam-taking Twitter population, who were completely overjoyed...

Although the paper may have seemed a breeze, some students are expressing concern about the grade boundaries given the ease of the paper.