Britain First Overseas Membership Is Redefining Irony

Britain First Are Recruiting Ex-Pats And Redefining Irony In The Process

Britain First have redefined irony in the quest to bolster their numbers by trying to recruit ex-pats.

You would think one of the criteria for joining a pseudo-political party who's signature chant is "Taking Britain back!", is residency in the green and pleasant land which you so aggressively fight for.

Apparently not...

***BRITAIN FIRST OVERSEAS MEMBERSHIP*** You can join Britain First as a member, even if you live overseas. You will...

Posted by Britain First on Sunday, June 14, 2015

Despite their large following on Facebook, Britain First do have trouble recruiting members.

Leader Paul Golding told the Huffington Post UK recently they only have around 5,000 paid-up members as many people can't afford to be associated with the group.

The whole episode is strangely reminiscent of the time the English Defence League set up a Spanish ex-pat division on Facebook.

The 'about' section reads: "Supporting the English Defence League from North-East Spain."


Posts on the site include:

"Do any of you thunder buckets speak spanish or just shout at the waiters loudly?"


"Let me get this straight. You are allowed to live in Spain but no foreigners are welcome in England?."



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