Donald Trump Calls Journalist Charles Krauthammer In A Wheelchair A 'Jerk' Who 'Just Sits There'

Watch Donald Trump Call A Wheelchair User Journalist A 'Jerk' Who 'Just Sits There'

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, lambasted a columnist in a wheelchair for being a "jerk" who "just sits there" during an interview on Wednesday.

This week, the 69-year-old billionaire tycoon announced his intention to run as the Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trum (left) calls Charles Krauthamme (pictured) a 'jerk' who 'just sits there'

Speaking at Trump Towers in New York on Tuesday, Trump was quick to scaremonger about China, Iran and the Islamic State and launched a tirade about domestic jobs and the repeal of Obamacare.

Since his announcement, he has been quizzed by journalists and presenters over his decision to run.

On Wednesday's Fox and Friends programme, Trump was asked how he felt about comments made by American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer, who criticised the businessman for diminishing the status of serious candidates running.

Some American press have been highly critical of Donald Trump running as Republican candidate

Trump retorted that Krauthammer was just a "highly overrated pundit", who is "wrong on so many things".

Trump continued: "You know when I watch a George Will (an American journalist) or a Charles Krauthammer, you know, I watch them for years, they’re losers.

"They're just losers. They sit there. They haven’t done anything.”

A disgruntled Trump added: "Think about it, I’ve built a $9 billion net worth, I’ve employed tens of thousands of people.

“I do a television show, it becomes one of the biggest shows on all of television. NBC renewed it again, they’re begging for me to do it. I write a book called ‘The Art of the Deal,’ it’s the number one selling business book of all time.”

“And I got a jerk named Krauthammer or George Will saying, ‘Oh gee, he doesn’t deserve to be in the race.'”

People have reacted with shock at Trump's comments.

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