Charlotte Church And Louise Mensch Engage In Fiery Twitter Row About Austerity

Charlotte Church Is Delighted To Have P*ssed Off Louise Mensch Over The Anti-Austerity Rally

The feud between Louise Mensch and Charlotte Church just turned ultra nasty.

A fresh war of words erupted after Church Tweeted of her pride in having taken part in the anti-austerity rally in London on Saturday.

The Welsh singer also posted a link to the full transcript of the speech she delivered in Parliament Square in which she called for the country to rally and “save ourselves from decades of Yuppie rule”.

Charlotte Church spoke out about the 'big lie' of austerity in London on Saturday

Former Conservative MP Mensch, who has previously accused Church of “talking rubbish about the Prime Minister”, interjected on Twitter after user @screwlabour mocked her assertion the Tories will “sell off our schools and our hospitals.”

“Hahahaha get back in the ‘VIP area’ of the ‘austerity protest’ you useless hypocrite” Mensch blasted, before asking: “Hey Charlotte, did you actually vote?”

Louise Mensch has branded Charlotte Church an 'overpaid Bolinger Bolshevik'

Referring to Russell Brand’s controversial appearance at the march, Mensch then described Church’s Twitter feed as a “car crash” and sarcastically mused on whether “Labour will ever win again”.

A near constant stream of vitriol followed, which also saw the 43-year-old, [who last month was roundly accused of cyber bullying a 17-year-old Labour-supporting student], brand Church an “overpaid bolinger Bolshevik who doesn’t have a fucking clue.”

For her part, Church has simply retorted how pleased she was to have pissed Mensch [and Katie Hopkins] off.

After spotting Church at an anti-austerity march in Cardiff shortly after the election, Hopkins dubbed the singer a "fat Welsh Russell Brand" and ordered her to "wind her neck in."

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