The Power Of Makeup: People Respond To Makeup Shamers By Only Wearing It On Half Of Their Faces

It seems there's no shortage of ways to feel bad about yourself on the Internet, with the #BellybuttonChallenge and #CollarboneChallenge making headlines across the world.

But Youtuber NikkieTutorials started an awesome new movement when she stood up to the latest craze of makeup shamers, who have become so fixated on the idea that women use makeup to hide insecurities that they can't fathom it's also a creative way to express yourself.

Her viral video called The Power Of Makeup let ladies know they shouldn't be ashamed of painting their faces and that putting on makeup to be fun shouldn't be a shame.

Since then, #ThePowerOfMakeup has become a growing Instagram trend, with hundreds of users applying it to only half of their faces to show they're not scared of going makeup free.

Check out some of the powerful pictures below:


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