Taylor Swift's '1989' Album Will Be On Apple Music When It Launches 30 June

Taylor Swift has confirmed that yes, her No.1 album '1989' will be on Apple Music when it has its global release date of 30 June.

The pop star used her favourite medium Twitter to announce that she would allow the album onto the streaming service after Apple's decision to start paying artists during the three month free trial period.

Swift goes on to explain that this change of heart isn't part of an exclusive deal that some other artists have been signing with various streaming services including Spotify and Tidal.

The change of heart comes after Swift wrote a scathing blog post about Apple's original decision to not pay its artists during a three month free trial it would be offering all its customers.

Calling the decision 'shocking', Swift expressed her disappointment at the decision and as a result said she would not be allowing her album '1989' onto the service.

Just hours later Apple responded with a complete U-turn, saying that it would now pay every artist that gets played during the three month trial.

This isn't the first time that the pop star has spoken out against the streaming music model. Swift pulled her entire music catalogue from Spotify in November last year after disagreeing with the amount of money that Spotify was paying its artists.