Kay Burley Vs Boris Johnson Sees Mayor Of London Grimace Over Water Cannon Usage Suggestions

Boris Johnson was left red-faced today after Theresa May poured cold water on his plans to allow the use of water cannon.

But the Mayor of London looked even more upset when Kay Burley read out a few suggestions of other uses for the crowd control tool.

The Sky News presenter asked Johnson: "We’ve been asking people on Twitter this afternoon what you should do with these water cannon given that you can’t use them at least for now. Some were suggesting that you could shower elephants, others were suggesting it could be a gameshow and were suggesting that maybe you could use them to wash your hair. What do you think?"

Not a happy bunny

It was exit, stage right for Boris.

"All suggestions greatly received Kay, if you don’t mind I’ve got to go off and give an interview to someone else, I’m so sorry to tell you," he responded.

An amused Burley told the audience: "Well we thought it was funny."

There have also been plenty of other suggestions on how best use the defunct cannon...

The Home Secretary announced this afternoon she would not be giving permission for police to use water cannon as part of riot control techniques, citing safety fears as a major factor.

The ruling, supported by Labour, is an embarrassment for the London Mayor, who spent £218,000 on three German water cannon last year.

But after the announcement Mr Johnson vowed to keep then, and said he would not hesitate to reapply for permission to use them if there were riots on the streets of London.

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