UFO Sighting In Damascus Syria Caught On Camera By Airplane Passenger

A passenger onboard a flight heading over Damascus, Syria has released a recording of what could be a UFO.

The footage captures a vague silver object reminiscent of a space craft, traveling rapidly across the landscape. Mystery surrounds the video and the cameraman has not yet been named.

The term UFO simply qualifies an object that we can't identify and although it looks suspicious, it could simply be a plane.

Map of Damascus where the UFO was sighted

Other sightings have also perplexed space enthusiasts and earlier this year a man managed to record video of what appears to be a UFO flying over Arizona in the United States.

And that UFO in question certainly doesn't appear to be a plane...

Another explanation for these sightings could possibly be cloud formations.

Lenticular clouds are often mistaken for being UFO's and are usually created by gravity waves.

Sky Lanterns Mistaken For UFOs

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