Lions Maul Kudu In South Africa's Kruger National Park

Badass Lions Halt Traffic To Capture, Kill And Devour Prey

Two male lions have been filmed hunting and pouncing on a kudu amidst traffic in northeastern South Africa.

The antelope found itself helpless at the mercy of the two big cats in Kruger National Park.

Spectators watched in awe as the professional killers mauled their terrified prey.

The lions captured their prey amidst traffic

The predators can be seen pacing the tarmac on the H7, dubbed one of the best game-viewing roads in the area.

One male leaves the roadside to flush out the prey before both animals launch an attack in the middle of the traffic.

An unnamed pedestrian recorded the incredible footage from behind their wheel. Other motorists can be seen watching the brutal event with their mouths ajar.

Earlier this month a leopard was euthanised after attacking a British Safari guide at the same national park.

Curtis Plumb, who was driving, needed surgery after being bitten by the predator when it leapt at his vehicle.

The mauling was caught on camera by a tourist who said: “Some of the people seated behind the ranger tried to help by beating the animal with their cameras.”

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