A close encounter with a lioness at a zoo went viral.
A pride of lions reportedly devoured three poachers in an Eastern Cape game reserve, leaving only dismembered remains, an axe and a rifle.
A Free State farmer is in shock after discovering three of his lions killed and mutilated, seemingly for certain body parts, while three others are missing.
The lions “just left his head and some remains.”
“Take extra precautions, don’t walk around and if you need to travel in the evening, go in a vehicle.”
'A situation that occurs occasionally in people, but that is rarely observed in wild animals.'
"The details... will only come from the people who were there" said SANParks.
Ultimately, this Lions team will be remembered in history as being a team that held the All Blacks and put a dent in their near immaculate record in matches on their own turf. They may not have matched the achievement of the '71 Lions but against an arguably revolutionised All Blacks they were a team who came, who challenged and who almost conquered.
Of course in the short-term the Lions will continue to fascinate and entertain in equal measure. But the Lions is a precious concept, and for it maintain its appeal to fans and brands alike, the coach needs to defend the value of the shirt just as much as the players tasked with wearing it.