Ben Shephard Is Susanna Reid's Lapdog (Literally) As ‘Good Morning Britain' Presenter Lies On Co-Presenter For A Head Stroke (VIDEO)

Errrm, Why Is Ben Lying In Susanna's Lap Having His Head Stroked?

We’re not sure what they’ve been putting in the coffee at the ‘Good Morning Britain’ studios lately, but it seems a week doesn’t go by without some random behaviour from one of the show’s presenters.


Fresh from sucking Angel Delight off her finger the other week, Susanna Reid had to contend with her co-host Ben Shephard lying down in her lap on Tuesday morning’s show.

Susanna even treated Ben to a little head stroke whilst he was down there.

"Can you just scratch my head like that? Come on," Ben asked Susanna.

A giggly Susanna replied: "Am I allowed to do this?"

Ben was actually imitating a German Shepherd dog (stay with us) during an interview with guest Colleen Ferguson, whose dog, Inca, detected she was suffering from cancer.

The pooch managed to identify Colleen’s lung cancer from the smell of her breath.

Colleen explained: "She's a very vocal, very noisy, very lively dog but all of sudden she would jump and become really still."

When Colleen went to see her GP, a cancerous golf ball-sized tumour was discovered in her left lung.

Fortunately, the tumour had not spread further and was found at an early stage, thanks to Inca.

Just last week, Susanna Reid found herself rudely interrupted in the middle of ‘Good Morning Britain’, after an alarm blared during the show, leading to the whole cast and crew to be evacuated from the building.

Because the ITV daytime show is broadcast live, producers were forced to quickly cut to pre-recorded footage to fill in the gap, while the presenters and crew were led out of the studios.

Honestly, there's never a dull moment in Susanna Reid's world, as the gallery below proves...

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