Owen Jones And Toby Young Clash On Channel 4 Over Labour Leadership Contest

Watch Owen Jones Take On Toby Young In Jeremy Corbyn Debate

Owen Jones and Toby Young have clashed over the Labour leadership contest and whether Jeremy Corbyn is really the best person to lead the party to electoral victory.

The Guardian columnist and Corbyn champion, Jones, and Conservative writer, Young, went head-to-head on Channel 4 News on Tuesday.

During the debate, Young said that it would "beggar belief" if long term Labour members vote for Corbyn, adding: "How many elections does Labour have to lose when it puts up a left wing leader in order for the message to sink home?"

The 51-year-old attempted to join Labour and back Corbyn in order to "consign Labour to electoral oblivion".

Yet 31-year-old Jones is a firm supporter of the left-wing candidate, saying he can secure the support of traditional Labour voters who turned to the Scottish Nationalist Party because they believed in core socialist values and opposed austerity plans.

Jones added: "The point Jeremy Corbyn has made is to balance the books to eradicate the deficit but not to do it on the backs of working people, low paid people and disabled people and so on."

The exchange caused strong divisions on Twitter, with many backing Jones:

Young did have receive some support, with many criticising 'the left' for lambasting the Conservative writer.

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