18/08/2015 12:41 BST | Updated 19/08/2015 08:59 BST

Twitter Takes Down The DWP After News Of Fake Benefit Sanctions In Brilliant #fakeDWPstories Hashtag

People have taken to Twitter to add to the Department for Work and Pensions' bank of fabricated stories in the brilliant #fakeDWPstories hashtag.

The trending tag comes hot off the back of the news that the DWP were forced to edit and re-issue a leaflet after being caught fabricating testimonials from fake benefit claimants praising the Government's welfare crackdown.


"Sarah's story"

Twitter user, Martin McKee, asked: "Can satire succeed where parliamentary accountability and media scrutiny have failed?"

Well yes, Martin, we think so...

UPDATE:This Isn't The First Time DWP Used 'Fakes' In Welfare Leaflets