Cilla Black's 'The Very Best Of...' Album Tops The Charts Days After ‘Surprise, Surprise' Star's Funeral

Cilla Black has been given a perfect tribute, as her ‘The Very Best Of...’ album has been announced as the UK’s official album chart number one.

The album first entered the Top 40 chart again shortly after her death earlier this month, and now, following the showbiz legend’s funeral, it’s topped the chart.

Cilla Black

East West Records president Dan Chalmers has declared the news “a fitting tribute to an icon who shaped popular music and entertainment”, telling OfficialCharts.com: “This Number 1 is a reflection of the special place Cilla Black occupied in the hearts of the British public.

"Cilla had an extraordinary and unforgettable voice and her timeless music will inspire fans and musicians for generations to come.”

The ‘Very Best Of’ was first released in 1983, and re-released in 2013, with extra tracks.

The album includes Cilla’s biggest hits, including ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’, ‘You’re My World’ and ‘Love’s Just A Broken Heart’.

Cilla’s funeral was held on Thursday, and her close friends Cliff Richard, Paul O’Grady and Christopher Biggins all stood in front of the congregation to share touching memories and prayers for the star.

Her sons Robert and Ben also addressed the congregation, with Ben saying: “I take solace in the fact it happened in one of her favourite places, her sun terrace, doing one of her favourite things, sunbathing and listening to music - which was, after all, her first love.

"She achieved so much, not least, she still looked good in a pair of jeans. She will be missed by many."

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