'X Factor' 2015: Most Controversial Moments Ever, From Sharon Osbourne's Row With Steve Brookstein To Natalia Kills' Outburst (PICS)

The message for fans of ‘The X Factor’ has come through loud and clear - with this year’s series we are to “expect the unexpected”.

That’s the tagline that has been put on the end of all the ‘X Factor’ promo we’ve seen in the run-up to this year’s launch, but after 11 years on the air, it’s pretty much a given that the biggest show on telly is going to serve up some show-stopping moments - some good, some bad and some that split the public’s opinion straight down the middle.

During its time on our screens, ‘The X Factor’ has never been far from its next controversy, with the show facing a backlash from the public an innumerable amount of times, for a whole range of reasons.

Sometimes, viewers are unhappy with the acts the judges put through to the next stage of the competition, while other times it’s the judges’ comments that garner a negative reaction from the public.

'X Factor' controversies

Other controversies have emerged thanks to contestants’ behaviour away from our screens, whether that’s while they’re a contestant or when their pasts come back to haunt them.

We’ve looked back over the past 11 years of ‘X Factor’ to find some of the show’s most famously controversial moments - and after being repeatedly warned to “expect the unexpected”, we’re guessing there are a whole lot more of these still to come…

Emily Nakanda's Happy-Slapping Scandal

'X Factor': Most Controversial Moments

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