31/08/2015 08:26 BST | Updated 31/08/2015 08:59 BST

Chris Eubank's Youth Hostelling Tweets 'Take Him 90 Minutes To Compose'

Boxing champion Chris Eubank has revealed that his new-found stardom on social media has come at a cost - as it takes him up to 90 minutes to compose messages on Twitter.

The former middleweight, 49, says that it takes him up to an hour and a half to compose replies to fans on the social network, despite a limit of 140 characters.

He told the Sun: “For me, it’s like gymnastics for the brain. It is only 140 characters. I’m quite verbose so I say quite a bit, but on Twitter I have to condense it.

“I sometimes spend 90 minutes on one tweet. I really do. And I have no shame in that, because my whole life has been being correct.

“At times I have spent the entire day on Twitter. It’s interacting with people. I love it.”

And rather than delegate the task of tweeting to his staff, Eubank says that he responds directly to all his fans.

“Imagine you were a Muhammed Ali fan or a Mayweather fan, and you’re actually talking to them and they’re responding to you," he told the paper, "How cool is that? That’s awesome. That’s ridiculous!

“My childhood hero is Bob Marley. Imagine you’re tweeting and he’s tweeting you back. Now that is some different type of awesome.”

Eubank has been the subject of a long-running meme on the Internet following an aside by comedy character Alan Partridge, played by Steve Coogan.

In a classic Partridge scene, the Radio Norwich DJ is desperately pitching ideas to a big-shot television producer. As part of his brainstorm, Partridge quips: "Erm, Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank..." And the meme was born.

But until recently, the joke appears to have been lost on Eubank, who tweeted earlier this month: "Can you please explain the link between me and youth hostels?"

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Since then, Eubank has faced into the bizarre association - by partnering with an international hostelling company.

And now his viral video for Hostel World has had millions of views across social media.

Tweets, though, still prove something of a challenge.