01/09/2015 12:09 BST | Updated 01/09/2015 12:59 BST

Apple Is Working On An Augmented Reality Headset To Rival HoloLens And Google Glass Says Expert

Apple is reportedly working on an augmented reality headset to rival the likes of Microsoft's HoloLens and Google Glass, according to a prominent industry expert.

Gene Munster from investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray specialises in the technology sector and believes that Apple is finally heading into the realms of virtual and augmented reality.

Microsoft HoloLens allows users to overlay a digital world on top of reality.

He points out a number of Apple's previous purchases all point towards a company that is actively working on a headset either for the home or out and about.

Apple has indeed bought a significant number of companies that specialise in the industry including PrimeSense - the company that helped build the very first Xbox Kinect.

Munster reportedly goes on to make a bold claim about augmented reality saying, “we believe it has the potential to be as profound a technology platform as the smartphone today.”


Apple is well known for keeping its new products well hidden and while a few old patents might seem to shed light on their current projects there has been surprisingly little about the subject.

With the company reportedly working on a driverless car as well it's anyones guess as to whether Apple will enter what has so far proven to be a relatively high-risk business sector.