01/09/2015 04:41 BST | Updated 01/09/2015 08:59 BST

'X Factor' Fourth Power Row: Bosses Deny Claims They Invited Filipino Girlband To Audition, Having Known About Their Professional Past

X Factor’ bosses have denied accusations that girlband Fourth Power were approached to audition, following their success on a Filipino talent show.


The claims emerged after the group’s first audition aired on the ITV talent show on Saturday (29 August), when footage of them on ‘SuperstarK6’ under the name MICA, came to light.

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Fourth Power

Together, they made it through to the final 10 of the show, and even ­released records available to buy on Amazon under the names of The Gollayan Sisters and The Cercado.

It was reported that producers knew about their professional past and approached them to fly over from the Far East to audition.

However, an ‘X Factor’ spokesperson has now denied those claims, telling ‘The Mirror’: "’X Factor’ producers did not approach Fourth Power to audition - they flew to the UK to audition of their own accord and went through exactly the same audition process as other acts.

"Their interview in the programme clearly said that they had been performing together since 2001 and had competed in various places.

"There are no rules preventing anyone who has appeared on other shows from applying for ‘The X Factor’."