Photographer Captures Strange Organic-Looking UFO Over Costa Rica

This Is The Strangest UFO We've EVER Seen

We've seen some strange things here at the Huffington Post. Most of them come from the space and conspiracy-themed coverage we do but this has to be one of the weirdest things we've ever seen.

A photographer has captured what looks to be a weird almost organic-looking UFO in Costa Rica.

The bizarre looking object is the latest in a number of sightings that reportedly claim to break the trend of a UFO simply being a large disc that floats in the sky.

Earlier this month UFO hunters claimed to have spotted the 'Black Knight', a mythical UFO that has been talked about since the 70s when it was first spotted in orbit by astronauts aboard one of NASA Space Shuttle missions.

The mythical 'Black Knight' UFO that has been seen

Tackling the issue of UFOs has been something that governments generally steer clear of, with some leaders even passively supporting the hype.

US President Barack Obama famously avoided the question of aliens by saying he couldn't reveal anything about the infamous 'UFO Files' that apparently every president is given.

As SETI's Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak points out however, much of the evidence that we see today is actually less credible than the UFO sightings that took place back in the 60s with Roswell and Rendlesham Forest.

"The few alternatives to this vintage archive are contemporary photos and videos of vague lights in the sky, low-resolution and low-confidence material that isn't likely to sway many scientists. The good stuff seems to be the old stuff."

So whether you've seen a 'pyramid' on Mars or a UFO leaving the Earth's atmosphere just remember that while technology has given us many things, credibility is not one of them.


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