Family Clings Together On Tracks In Hungary To Stop Police Forcing Them Into Detention Camps

Pictures taken in Hungary on Thursday show the utter desperation of a family dragged off a train by authorities. Having boarded in the capital of Budapest, police stopped the Austria-bound train near the town of Bicske, removing many passengers bent on taking them to a nearby holding camp.

Those on board that police deemed to be migrants were told to leave the train. According to The Guardian, many refused, banging on the carriage windows shouting “No camp, no camp!” The actions of the officers, draped in heavy riot gear, led to clashes with the the passengers; one family was left clinging to each other on the tracks desperate not to be rounded up and placed in detention.

According to Reuters, journalists were told to leave the area by police.

Hundreds of refugees and migrants have been trapped at Budapest's railway station in recent days, sparking a tense standoff with authorities. Families reportedly pushed children through the windows of trains leaving the station in the hope they would end up in western Europe.

Refugees Stopped In Hungary