Bread, nappies, period pads, pet food – the shopping list of essentials Ukrainian refugees need right now.
People returning to England will have to self-isolate for 14 days.
At least eight people have died after a boat carrying South Korean tourists overturned on the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. There were 30 South Koreans and three tour guides on, in addition to a crew of two Hungarians when the boat sank. A massive search and rescue operation has been launched and an investigation into the incident is being carried out.
People in positions of power have power through their views, actions and rhetoric. And tolerating racism from those in power only gives fuel to those on the streets to do the same.
Hungary’s capital city is home to castles, goulash and heated baths. Be sure to visit these top photo spots!
The court said the journalist's actions were "morally incorrect".
Hungary has announced it will no longer permit gender studies to be taught in its public universities - I’m here to tell you this would be a mistake
The sweetcorn in a Woolworths savoury rice product is from a Hungarian plant, believed to be the source of a European listeriosis outbreak.
Orbán’s shadow now looms over European politics just as much as the Thatcher-puppet does in Billy Elliot