'X Factor' Contestant Shianne Phillips Claims Audition Was Fixed: 'They Edited It To Make It Look Entirely Different From What It Was'

'X Factor' Contestant Claims Audition Was 'Fixed'

X Factor’ reject Shianne Phillips has hit out at the show’s producers, claiming her audition was fixed.

Fans saw the aspiring singer fail to make it through to Bootcamp with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’, but she has now claimed that events actually took a very different turn to those shown on TV.

Shianne Phillips on 'The X Factor'

Speaking to FLIC, Shianne said the whole thing was “staged”.

Rita Ora was seen in tears as she struggled with her decision to send Shianne home, having already been given a no from Simon Cowell.

“‘X Factor’? It's more like Fix Factor."

An 'X Factor' spokesperson has since denied Shianne's claims, telling HuffPost UK: "Everyone who auditions in front of the judges is asked to choose 5 different songs that they'd be happy to perform and one of Shianne's choices was Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing'.

"We categorically refute any suggestion that Shianne’s performance was distorted in any way and Shianne did not complain following the audition about any of the judges’ comments, all of which were as seen on screen."

It’s not the first time the show has been hit by controversy this series, as it was revealed that contestant Hannah Kilminster had previously performed on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, and with Simon’s opera group Il Divo, despite claiming she had little experience singing.

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