17/09/2015 08:32 BST | Updated 17/09/2015 08:59 BST

‘X Factor' Star Rhydian Roberts Shows Off His Impressive New Muscles In Gratuitous Shirtless Twitter Pics

With his peroxide blond hair, camptastic outfits and that voice, Rhydian Roberts was one of the most memorable contestants to ever grace the ‘X Factor’ stage.

But since coming second on the show back in 2007, the 32-year-old has been doing more than just exercising his vocal cords.

Just look at him now…!

Somebody's been working out: Rhydian shows off his new physique

By the looks of his incredible transformation, the Welsh singer has been putting in some serious hours at the gym and he was more than happy to show off the results to his fans on Twitter in a series of shirtless snaps.

Well, you would really, wouldn’t you?

As well as working on his six pack, the baritone has been busy recording and performing since appearing on the ‘X Factor’.

Despite losing out to Leon Jackson (remember him?) in the final, Rhydian hasn’t stopped working since his stint on the show.

His debut album sold over 600,000 copies making it 2008's highest-selling album by a male newcomer, and there have been four more albums and several UK tours since.

He also appeared on the stage in ‘The Rocky Horror Show’, Jeff Wayne’s seminal ‘War Of The Worlds’ musical and as Pontius Pilate in the touring production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

Next up is another tour of the UK, which makes you wonder how he even finds the time to hit the gym in the first place.

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