John McDonnell Is Trolled With Fictitious Facts On #McDonnellFacts Hashtag

The #McDonnellFacts Hashtag Is Trolling The Shadow Chancellor Big Time

Jeremy Corbyn's new Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnel, has become the target of an unfortunate Twitter hashtag following his appearance on BBC1's Question Time.

The now trending hashtag, #McDonnellFacts, is believed to be started by General Bowles, a paradoxical Twitter account satirising politics.

Louise Mench was among the right-wing Twitter army bombarding the hashtag with fictitious facts about McDonnell...

McDonnell issued a double apology on Question Time for praising the IRA and for joking about wanting to 'assassinate' Margaret Thatcher.

He said that his comments had obviously caused offence and he now apologised "from the bottom of my heart".

Jeremy Corbyn’s right hand man came under fire from David Cameron this week when it emerged he had praised the IRA’s ‘bravery’.

He told a 2003 memorial event for hunger striker Bobby Sands that "bombs and bullets" and forced Britain to undertake the Northern Ireland peace process.

“It’s about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle," he said at the time.


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