Eco-Friendly Shampoo Company O'Right Make The World's First Carbon Neutral Haircare

This Is The World's First Carbon Neutral Shampoo

We all know that eco-friendly fashion and organic beauty are having a moment, with hundreds of brands claiming the earth (without any real proof)... but one man has officially made the world's first carbon neutral shampoo.

Created by haircare brand O'right, the shampoo is made using recycled water, solar energy and windpower, contained in biodegradable packaging and made using all-organic ingredients.

The most amazing part? Their Tree in the Bottle packaging, which takes green beauty to a whole new level with a bottle that when planted (after it's empty) grows into an Acacia tree.

The salon-quality (and we can vouch for that) shampoo's formula is even easy to rinse off, saving "20-30% of water for each wash," says founder Steven Ko, who launched O'right in 2001.

Ko suffers from extreme allergies and he was driven to create hie eco-friendly shampoo brand, by a desire to keep people away from unnecessary chemicals.

O'right founder Steven Ko with his products

The deaths of Ko's parents that same year, from kidney disease and cancer, only reaffirmed his desire.

"Suffering from this sad bereavement, I decided to do something to help people stay away from heavy metals and harmful chemicals," he said.

"The idea of introducing green haircare products to the market was on my mind from then on," he said.

The O'right factory in Taiwan

Ko's innovations have been widely lauded as the most eco-friendly in the world, winning numerous awards for both packaging and Corporate social responsibility (CSR).

O'right made the successful leap into international markets in 2008, and only three years later became the world’s first cosmetics company to be certified as “Carbon Neutral”.

The range now comprises of 80 products - including shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair treatments - and is stocked everywhere from high profile salons to Harvey Nichols in the UK.

Eco-ponds at the O'right factory

"Every small step counts in bringing about a big change," Ko said of the brand. "We are deeply aware that an enterprise must do something for the health and well-being of humans, society and the environment."

Ko says he believes that together, we can make the world's future more sustainable and beautiful - and if his haircare range is anything to go by, we most certainly agree.

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