FT's Illegal Wildlife Trade Documentary Shows Desperate Plight Of South Africa's Rhinos and Pangolins

A surge in demand for rhinoceros horn and pangolin scales across East Asia has led to an "epidemic" level of poaching in South Africa.

As the number of rhinos on our planet plummets, there is little doubt that something needs to be done to combat the illegal trade in rhino horn.

International leaders and celebrities are calling for tighter restrictions on how ivory, among other illegal wildlife goods, is transported across continents.

The Financial Times' documentary (see above) looks at the supply, demand and law enforcement challenges facing those trying to take on the poaching industry.

The FT's investigation into the multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade is written and presented by Alec Russell and covers a range of topics.

With interviews from park wardens, international organisations fighting the trade and former British foreign secretary, William Hague, this short film looks at the rise in poaching of rhinoceroses and pangolins.

It also highlights the difficulty the world faces in combating global criminal networks.

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