Man Accidentally Sets Fire To His Apartment During A Livestream

A Japanese man accidentally burned his apartment down while livestreaming content on the video platform Twitch.

The man, who was seen lighting a cigarette, reportedly threw an oil-covered match into a bin full of paper.

Staying calm at first, the livestreamer first tried putting out the flames with a small plastic bottle of water.

When that did not work he tried carrying the bin bag, now fully ablaze, to the corner of the room where he let it rest while going to get more water.

Upon returning he tried and failed to tame the rising flames.

Giving up, he fled his burning flat unharmed.

Several viewers tried to warn him of the fire, the Mirror reports.

However, the man reportedly named Ushiro, appeared to be completely oblivious to the danger he was putting himself and other residents in.

Local news reports that one woman's body was recovered from the remains of the building.

Other residents however, were not injured.