Suspension Bridge Snaps, Sending Hikers Plummeting Into River

If China's cracked glass walkway didn't shock you enough to keep your two feet firmly planted on the ground, maybe this video of a collapsing New Zealand suspension bridge will.

A group of backpackers were walking across the bridge when the floor collapsed under their feet, sending them falling 30ft into the rough waters below.

One of the cables on the suspension bridge is believed to have snapped, ‘releasing’ and then catapulting them over the side.

The bridge snapped leaving the tourists powerless

The accident occurred in early September, and Whistle posted video of the collapse on Monday. Along with the footage, two of the hikers took to a French travel blog to write about the experience.

"When we get halfway across we hear a muffled sound and before having time to do anything I was thrown into the emptiness, accepting the likelihood I would die,” Effie-Belle wrote on Rolandades Internationales.

"Fortunately, other than some scratches and a little bit of bruising, they are not seriously injured," Department of Conservation operations manager Mike Slater told the New Zealand Herald. "That's a very fortunate outcome."

An investigation found that the failure was due to a rare manufacturing defect in a link of the cable. The bridge, designed to carry a maximum of 10 people, remains closed.

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