Donald Trump Defends Burqas In The Most Sexist Way Possible

While laying out his foreign policy vision, US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump managed to offend Muslims and women in one fell swoop.

The Republican said that women opt to wear the burqa as "it’s easier” and continued “you don’t have to put on makeup. Look how beautiful everyone looks. Wouldn’t it be easier? Right? Wouldn’t that be easy?”

Trump was addressing an event in New Hampshire on 28 October and briefly spoke about his belief that the United States imposes its values of Western democracy upon cultures that don’t necessarily want it.

Donald Trump has made controversial comments about women wearing burqas

The politician said that he would not get involved with any national mandates requiring that women wear burqas, because "They want to... What the hell are we getting involved for?" before making comments on make-up.

“I tell ya, if I was a woman, I don’t want to, [wear make-up]” he continued. “I’d be like, ‘I’m ready, darling, let’s go.’ It’s true!”

During the event, Trump also promised to build a “military so strong, so powerful, so everything” that enemies wouldn’t even consider challenging the United States.

The Republican, who is currently the frontrunner to take the nomination for the GOP, also said he would "knock the hell" out of the Islamic State (IS).

Many Muslim women explain their decision to wear the burqa as an expression of their own faith and feminism, but once again Trump felt the need to bring it down to his level.

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