Philip Davies' Filibuster Of Free Hospital Parking Should Surprise No One - He's Done It Before

A Tory MP spoke for 90 minutes straight in order to block a law that would give carers free hospital parking has caused outrage - but it seems that actually no one should be surprised, given his previous form.

Philip Davies spoke for an hour and a half in the Commons on Friday, which, alongside another 80 minutes from other Tory MPs, meant that there was no time to vote on the law.

His colleagues Christopher Chope, David Nuttall and Health Minister Alistair Burt also helped him out.

The move was blasted as “shameless” by Labour MP Julie Cooper, who drew up the Hospital Parking Charges Bill.

Cooper, who was hit by huge hospital parking bills while caring for her mother, told the Mirror: "People all round the country who watched that debate will be disgusted - particularly carers.

"To see the government playing games with it and to think that's clever and funny is obscene.

"I won't be letting the issue drop and I'm glad we did win some concessions. The minister said there will now be a recommendation to provide free parking."

Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan also branded the move “pretty shameless”.

Reaction on social media was similar…

But this is not the first time Davies has thwarted legislation by simply talking.

In 2014, he managed to filibuster an attempt to legally stop landlords evicting tenants who ask for basic repairs to their rented property, according to the Independent.

He also attempted to use the same tactic to stop legislation which would ensure a commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of GDP on international aid.

The Shipley MP was unsuccessful on that occasion, despite speaking for around an hour.

This is the second time this week that Davies has found himself facing a backlash.

He called for a Commons debate on International Men’s Day, to the derision of many including Labour MP Jess Phillips. Phillips went on to receive a barrage of horrific online abuse, including rape threats.