Man With Down's Syndrome Achieves Dream Of Becoming A Bodybuilder: 'It's In My Blood'

Man With Down's Syndrome Achieves Dream Of Becoming A Bodybuilder

A man with Down's syndrome is set to take on the bodybuilding world next weekend, by competing in his first ever competition.

After months of rigorous training with his personal trainer, Collin Clarke, is set to compete in the Kentucky Muscle strength and fitness competition on 14 November.

The 22-year-old, who works on the front desk at Bob's Gym North in Indiana, says he feels "great" to be competing.

"I'm so happy to be doing this," he told 14 News. "Bodybuilding is in my blood and I always wanted to do this ever since I was a kid.”

Clarke's interest in bodybuilding reached an all-time peak when he saw personal trainer and bodybuilder Glenn Ubelhor working out in the gym he works at. It was then he decided that he wanted to become a body builder.

Clarke has since employed the help of Ubelhor to help build his strength and train him to be a bodybuilder. They are now incredibly close pals, and Clarke has lost 60 pounds in the process.

His passion for bodybuilding has resulted in his incredible story sweeping the globe and his ambitious nature has touched many people.

On 5 November, his personal trainer Glenn Ubelhor posted a heartfelt Facebook status dedicated to his tutee.

He wrote: "Collin has worked so hard and has been extremely loyal and dedicated and deserves everything that is potentially coming his way, which, apparently, is a lot.

"He has overcome so much and yet remains incredibly humble and thankful.

"I hope his story continues to spread and will inspire others to reach for their dreams. What an incredible feeling it is to watch his dreams come true and see the sheer joy on his face every single day as this story continues to grow."

He added that he was "humbled and honoured" that Clarke chose him to be his mentor.

"I am incredibly lucky, fortunate and completely blessed to be part of all of this.

"All we ever did was set a monumental goal, devise a plan, then work hard, EVERY SINGLE DAY, to live out that plan and now, Collin's dreams are coming true right before the eyes of an entire nation."

And what a fantastic dream it is.

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