Daily Mail Commenters Go Wild Over EU Migrant Employment Figures

Daily Mail commenters are struggling to decide just what they detest more: migrants who come to the UK and claim benefits or those who arrive here and find a job.

The Mail reported on Wednesday that three in four people who have found a new job in Britain in the last year have come from the European Union.

It said that employment among those from the EU had risen by 20%, while Britons experienced just a 0.4% rise.

This incensed many readers, who were angry that so many people from the EU had found employment…

Daily Mail Commenters Hate Migrants With Jobs

But, in the past, commenters have also expressed their ire that people have arrived in the UK and NOT got a job…

Daily Mail Commenters Hate Migrants On Benefits

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the number of EU nationals working in the UK has increased by 324,000 over the past year.

The UK’s unemployment rate has fallen to a seven-year low of 5.3% in the three months to September.