Dail Mail Commenters Can't Wait To Have Their Say On This Dewsbury Story

Daily Mail Commenters Can't Wait To Have Their Say On This Dewsbury Story

A Daily Mail article about a Yorkshire town has sparked debate about all that is wrong with Britain - and the commenters can't wait to have their say.

Sue Reid’s feature on Dewsbury centres on an image of a lady working on an ice cream van while wearing a niqab, entitled: “The breeding ground for jihadis where even the ice cream lady wears a burka: How Dewsbury, the once great textile town of the North, has undergone a terrifying transformation”.

Dewsbury hit the headlines this week over reports that a 17-year-old from the town had become the UK’s youngest suicide bomber - but this is not the first time the town has attracted media attention.

Talha Asmal is believed to have died in a suicide bombing in Iraq linked to the Islamic State (IS), after travelling to Syria in March with a friend.

Hassan Munshi, also 17, is still believed to be in Syria.

Munshi’s brother, Hammaad was jailed in 2006, aged just 16, after he was found to have downloaded information about bomb-making , purchased material that could be used in a suicide vest and hidden notes about martyrdom under his bed, according to the Telegraph.

The leader of the 7/7 bombings, Mohammad Sidique Khan, was also from Dewsbury.

Reid’s piece points out this history and gives her impressions of the town.

It also features comments from a woman called Jean Wood who grew up and still lives in the town, including: "The change happened so quickly. One day it seemed it was all whites, and then it was all Asians."

A teenager believed to be Talha Asmal

As ever, Daily Mail commenters were quick to give their opinions on what they believed this meant for Britain’s “green and pleasant lands”.

Jaro wrote: “This should never, never have been allowed to happen, we are still in England after all. How long before the people start revolting.”

Bess posted: “I am ashamed of my own country. We need to show these people who's in charge - not the other way around. Government??? What government?”

Eustys6 added: “Stop this jihardi assault on Britain.”

Piratecab said: What must the rest of the world think looking at these pictures. To the rest of the world the vast majority of british are saddened to see what is being allowed to happen to our beautiful green and pleasant land.”

Steve S53 added: “A lesson in how to destroy a once great nation.”

Some focused their concern on the ice cream lady.

Boobarli said: “If I were a child that masked figure would scare the hell out of me - I certainly wouldn't want to buy an ice cream from it .. Conjures up thoughts of the child catcher in an old popular film ... " Beliefs/modesty" whatever you want to call it - its sinister, unnatural, demeaning etc and I fear used to just hide behind in some cases in the west..”

DRPDK posted: “The burka MUST be banned!”

Foxylady77 said: “Ban the Burka. We are the victims of multiculturalism, the policy to be tolerant isn't working and sometime soon will explode.”

Enviro nurse added: “Ban those stupid burkas, I am sick sick sick of this all consuming religion. It is a hostile takeover, if I lived in an Islamic country I would wear it but I don’t!!!!”

A view of the Yorkshire town of Dewsbury

Others seemed more concerned about food hygiene associated with the wearing of such items.

ITFC posted: “I bet it swipes into the ice cream yuk.”

Trichinae added: “Very un hygienic too..all that dusty cloth. ugg.”

Of course, some blamed Tony Blair.

Deadpool said: “Thank you Blair and New Labour.”

Maskirovka added: “Blairs legacy!”

Scud McClumph posted: “Thanks Tony Blair and your failed multicultural experiment.”

Others criticised the article, saying that it misrepresented Dewsbury.

Legion176 posted: “Nothing the DM likes better than to blanket condemn a whole community because of the actions of a few. Having been to Dewsbury on numerous occasions (I worked there quite a lot), I can tell you the article in no way reflects the reality of the majority of Dewsbury residents.”

Aa124 said: “So what if a woman in a burkha is serving ice cream? People are getting exactly what they want and is expected from an ice cream truck - ice cream. This article is ridiculously racist!”

Daisywarwick posted: “This article is disgusting and you should all be ashamed.”

Ashpash added: “Horrible scaremongering from you DM. I'm sure if you go to Magaluf the Spanish will be saying that it used to be such a nice town before the British louts arrived and took over.”

One commenter lamented the fact that there were not more stories like this.

Cornflower posted: “Surprised this has been put in a national newspaper! usually we are not allowed to say anything about our country and on how its gone to the dogs! Andto be told to shut up oh your racist by the lefty lot! Alarm bells started in the 80s and has been allowed to go on since then!”

Reaction on social media was more mixed, with some echoing the Daily Mail readers’ concerns…

Others were shocked by the article’s tone…


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