Susanna Reid And Ben Shephard Insist They're Not A Married Couple In Awkward 'Good Morning Britain' Moment (VIDEO)

Susanna And Ben Suffer Awkward Moment On 'GMB'

Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard suffered an awkward moment on Thursday’s edition of ‘Good Morning Britain’, after they thought they’d been mistaken for a married couple by a guest.


The pair were interviewing American country singer Carrie Underwood about her latest album, when Ben remarked at the end of the interview that hearing Carrie’s music that morning had been a welcome change from the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack.

Feeling his pain, she then asked him: “Oh, are you one of those households?”

The pair speak to Carrie Underwood

However, things took a bit of an awkward turn, when Susanna took this to mean her and Ben, to which she quickly responded: “We’re not married, by the way!”

As the former ‘American Idol’ contestant began to explain that that wasn’t quite what she meant with her question, Ben then interjected, adding: “At times it feels like it… but we’ve both got boys. And none of our boys like ‘Frozen’, it’s just [Susanna] that likes ‘Frozen’.”

Nice save, guys...

Ben and Susanna try and cover the awkward situation

So, just think, Susanna. There are a lot of worse things than being mistaken for being married to Ben Shephard.

Piers recently defended Susanna Reid from critics who claim that she “flirts” with the male guests that she interviews, insisting: “They should back off being so overtly sexist about it, because it's unfair, and it's annoying to her because she's a very highly-trained, professional journalist.”


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