Paris Attacks: Refugees Blamed For Terrorist Acts, One Person Nails The Response

One Person Perfectly Summed Up Why It's Abhorrent To Blame Refugees For The Paris Attacks

The horrific terrorist attacks on Paris have unleashed a wave of anti-refugee sentiment as people seek to apportion blame for the killings.

Even stars like Rob Lowe joined in.

Thankfully amongst the knee-jerk reactions were voices of reason, particularly this message from a 19-year-old Brit.

The sentiment was echoed elsewhere.


  • At least 127 dead, and fears death toll could be around 140
  • At least five locations targeted in suicide bombings and shootings
  • Around 80 slain at Bataclan concert theatre after hostage situation
  • Restaurants, football stadium attacked in night of horror
  • Police leave cancelled and around 1,500 soldiers mobilised
  • French border controls increased, state of emergency declared
  • Eight extremists killed, all attackers thought to be dead
  • Manhunt under way for accomplices
  • David Cameron to chair meeting of Government Cobra committee

Here's some context as to why refugees are fleeing their homes...

The chart above shows the the origin countries of the 19,196 people who claimed asylum in the UK from January to July of 2015.

Eritrea - 2,034 (10.5%)

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