19/11/2015 19:47 GMT | Updated 19/11/2015 19:59 GMT

Transgender Woman Vicky Thompson Found Dead In Jail After Saying She Would Kill Herself If Sent To Male Prison

Robert Steele

A 21-year-old transgender woman has been found dead in jail, after she reportedly told friends she would kill herself if sent to the all-male prison she was later incarcerated in.

Vicky Thompson, who was being held in Leeds along with 1,200 violent male prisoners, was found unresponsive last Friday evening and declared dead by paramedics.

She was handed a 12-month jail term in August, suspended for 24 months but breached the terms of her sentence and was later remanded at Bradford Crown Court.

Solicitor Mohammed Hussain urged the judge presiding over her case to send Thompson to a women’s pr