10 European Right-Wing Parties Poised To Exploit Post-Paris Attacks Fears At The Polls


The aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris which left at least 130 people dead has seen a raft of criticism of the European Union's immigration policies, and calls for borders to be closed entirely.

In France itself, National Front leader Marine Le Pen has swiftly sought to frame the country's state of emergency as having been borne out of its open European borders and continued acceptance of those fleeing from Syria.

A statement from the party said its "fears and warnings of the possible presence of jihadists among the migrants entering our country" had become a reality.

Marine Le Pen has reiterated her anti-immigration stances following the Paris attacks.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made clear his position in wake of the near-simultaneous attacks, telling the country's parliament both that "we don't think that everyone is a terrorist" and that "no one can say how many terrorists have arrived already".

The rise of the Right in Europe

The rise of right-wing politics in response to the pressures caused by the migration crisis is beginning to be played out in recent elections.

From Poland to Switzerland, Norway to the Netherlands, far right and anti-immigration parties are enjoying relative success at the polls and are securing prominent positions within coalition governments - if not governing alone. As this chart shows...

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With all of the above elections taking place in the past year, here are the rising right-wing parties which look set to make the most of rising anti-immigration sentiment - and subsequent fears over security.

Finns Party - Finland

Rise Of The Right In Europe

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