If plans come into force, the city's brothels could also be shut down.
Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are among the countries that have placed restrictions on travel from the UK.
Nations including Germany, Spain and France are moving to tighten restrictions amid fears of a third Covid peak.
No one was injured in the freak accident on Monday morning.
The Netherlands, Monaco, Malta, Turks & Caicos and Aruba have also been added to the quarantine list from 4am on Saturday.
As customers in European cities line up to stockpile food and hand sanitisers, some Dutch shoppers have new priorities after the government announced cannabis cafe closures on Sunday. People queued up just minutes after ministers ordered most businesses and schools shut down in a televised press conference.
Mark Rutte had said people in the Netherlands could "do a foot kiss, bump elbows, whatever you want".
A 58-year-old man has been arrested after family of six discovered on a farm in Ruinerwold in the Netherlands.
One engineer-turned-farmer in the Netherlands believes he has found a solution to climate change - floating cow farms. Moored in an offshoot of Rotterdam's busy port, the farm is a futuristic three-story floating structure where one robot milks the cows and another automatically scoops up the manure.
17-year-old, who was raped as a child, "did not die of euthanasia", say friends.