Lorraine Kelly Makes Us Blush, After Telling Piers Morgan She 'Can Sit On His Face' During 'Good Morning Britain' (Oh Dear!)

Lorraine Kelly had viewers practically choking on their cornflakes on Monday morning, when she dropped a hilarious innuendo during ‘Good Morning Britain’.


As a treat for her birthday, ‘GMB’ presenter Piers Morgan made a surprise arrival in the ‘Lorraine’ studio, to deliver a present to her, while sporting a kilt in honour of the Scottish presenter’s big day.

Joking that he wasn’t sure “what to give the woman who’s had everyone… err… everything”, he then presented her with a cushion, emblazoned with his smiling face.

Lorraine Kelly can't control her laughter, after an unfortunate remark on 'GMB'

And while we’d be immediately questioning if he’d kept the receipt, and if we’d be able to just have the cash instead, Lorraine seemed over the moon with her gift, remarking: “I can sit on your face now”, before immediately realising her unfortunate slip of the tongue.

Still laughing at her early-morning faux pas, she then told Piers she thought he “cut a manly figure” in his kilt, to which he then remarked that he was going “commando”.

We can only hope and pray this was a joke, people.

One woman's trash, we suppose...

Lorraine might have been happy with her new Piers Morgan memorabilia, but we’re thinking not everyone would be quite so impressed with his gift, namely his ‘GMB’ co-host, Susanna Reid.

During a show last week, he asked whether growing a beard would be the way for him to “gain her affections”, but she was having none of it, bluntly telling him: “I don’t think there’s anything you could do to gain those”.

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