Fake Tan Could Be Over: New Statistics Reveal Declining Sales

Beauty trends come and go, but our nation's love of fake tan seem to showed as much sign of budging as the stains all over our bedsheets...

Until now.

New data from market research analysts Mintel revealed that the number of adults using self-tanning products has dropped from from 17% to 13% in the past year.

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Reality stars like Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan and the TOWIE girls turned us on to the bronzed look

The use of gradual tanning products has also fallen from 15% to 13%.

Tanning salons aren't exempt from the decline in sales either, only 8% of adults now use them compared to 11% last year.

Former Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is also a fan of fake tan

So why is this happening? Well, we can't blame it on the winter weather seeing as the results are from the entire year.

According to Mintel, it's due to people embracing their natural looks - moving away from the previous trend for fakery.

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Kylie Jenner is known to promote fake tan on her Instagram

One of the analysts at Mintel, Jack Duckett, said: "This trend was highlighted at London Fashion Week, where a number of shows featured models wearing more natural base make-up with a dewy sheen on natural-looking faces, accompanied with mascara-free eye lashes."

The Mintel research also found sales of fake tan are highest in the West Midlands and inner London, with lower usage in the East Midlands, the South East and East Anglia.