Katie Hopkins Gets Totally Schooled By Andrew Neil On Rules Of Interviewing During BBC's Daily Politics


He’s known for not taking any nonsense - and Andrew Neil was having none of it when dealing with a ranting Katie Hopkins on today’s Daily Politics show.

The veteran presenter was tasked with interviewing the outspoken commentator about her views on Donald Trump.

But as Hopkins got into the swing of things, she poked the beast a little too hard.

Referring to a petition which has gained more than 520,000 signatures, Hopkins argued that “your BBC bias” was claiming that “most people” want to ban Donald Trump from the UK.

Don't mess about Andrew Neil

Neil was less than impressed with her accusation and said: “When did I say ‘most British people’? I have no evidence for the views of most British people.

“Instead of saying things about me which aren’t true, let’s come back to what you say.”

“Let me ask you this-“

However, desperate to interject, Hopkins said: “Let’s talk about the people who do support what Trump says.”

But the presenter immediately shut her down, sternly telling here: “Hold on, I ask the questions.”

Don’t mess with the Neil.

Many people praised his handling of Hopkins...

On Thursday, Donald Trump thanked "respected columnist" Katie Hopkins for her support, saying she has provided "powerful writing on the UK's "Muslim problems".

Hopkins wrote in Trump's defence for saying the US should bar Muslims from entering the country, a stance that has otherwise brought him near-universal condemnation.

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