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The prime minister's own “holiday hunger” words fail to reassure his backbenchers: is a U-turn coming or not?
Uncanny echo of the PM’s own approach to Covid curbs
Belgium is being used by Britain as a template for new rules. But a second wave could swamp Johnson's 'light touch' curbs.
A detailed plan, not just a relaxation routemap, is needed more than ever.
Polls suggest the public believe the prime minister handling the outbreak well – so far.
Esther McVey says two-child cap means rape victims get 'double support' but Dugdale calls policy 'an abomination'.
I truly think that the British people would like what Jeremy Corbyn has to say, if only they could hear him say it over the sound of his own implosion. The problem isn't the message, it's the messengers. That's actually good news, because it means they can improve. It's time to polish the turd and start playing the media's game so that Labour can win this election.
'We have heard these arguments before when we were banning the slave trade.'
A Tory MP has caused uproar after comparing unpaid internships to slavery, saying young people are “forced” to work for free
Evan Harris could not provide proof Whittingdale appeased editors to keep relationship secret.