LBC Junior Doctors Phone-In Has Medic Pointedly Answer Weekend Hours Criticism

NHS Doctor Uses Her Rota To Answer All That Weekend Working Criticism

An NHSjunior doctor answered the criticism that medics are refusing to work unsociable hours during a phone-in on Tuesday, highlighting her three successive night shifts for the coming weekend.

Dr Nadia Masood responded to an angered caller on LBC who claimed the ongoing strike is a result of junior doctors refusing to work Saturdays and Sundays.

She told 'Adam', a patient incensed at the walkout, that rather than being borne out of a desire to avoid working outside a standard 9 to 5 shift pattern, her next weekend would be spent consulting at a children's hospital. Listen to the exchange, above.

James O'Brien hosted a phone-in with doctors on Tuesday morning

She said: “I’m working this weekend, I’m working three night shifts… Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"Adam I’ve been a doctor for 11 and a half years, I’ve worked round the clock.

“This thing that the government are saying is they’re trying to confuse the public by pretending to introduce a new seven-day service."

Earlier, Adam had inferred that LBC host James O'Brien did not have his childrens' best interest at heart in supporting the doctors' strike because it meant an understaffed NHS during the weekend.

Tuesday saw the beginning of the first doctors' strike for 40 years

He began his call saying: “I’d like to say to you James (O'Brien), that you say you care about your children, obviously you don’t, you should want to have hospitals fully manned and operated five days a week.

"These people don’t want to work seven days a week.

“I’m a little reluctant to talk about myself,” O’Brien said, before repeatedly asking "Have you ever gone to hospital and found it closed?"

“Why you asking me for, let’s speak to these doctors,” Adam responded, prompting Dr Masood's intervention.

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